Cabling Pros

Whether you’re upgrading your office network, installing a security system, or setting up a home theater, we provide professional cabling installation.


Data and Communication

Ethernet (CAT6), fiber, server rack installation and cable management, network layout planning, and more.


Alarm and Camera

Alarm system wiring and camera system cabling for both IP/network and analog camera systems.



HDMI, audio, and any other type of audio/video cabling for your home theater, conference room, and more.


Low-Voltage Cabling

We install all types of low-voltage cabling for home, business, and industrial. Indoor or outdoor, from communication to alarm system and even home theater wire, we do it all.

  • Ethernet RJ45 (CAT6)
  • Fiber Optic
  • Coax RG6
  • Alarm System Wire
  • HDMI
  • Toslink/Optical Audio
  • Speaker Wire (Banana Plug/RCA)
  • Any other low-voltage cable you need.

Why use wired internet?

Isn’t wifi good enough?

As the number of people working from home has increased, so has the importance of reliable and consistent internet and nothing beats the stability of wired internet. Wifi works great in most cases—it’s convenient and speeds have greatly improved with each generation. However, wifi is prone to interference both from physical objects and other nearby wifi networks causing poor connection quality.

More and more homes and businesses are gaining access to internet speeds exceeding 1 gigabit and only wired internet devices can take advantage of those speeds.

A wired network is highly recommended for critical home and office devices. Whether you work from home, have an office full of employees, or are gaming online, a wired network is a worthwhile investment.


Pre-Wire New Homes and Offices

Pre-wiring your new home or office while it’s under construction is cost-effective and adds value to your property.


Industrial Data Cabling

Industrial environments pose unique challenges and can require specialized cabling and installation. We have extensive experience working in harsh industrial environments.


Point-to-Point Wireless

Sometimes it’s not possible or practical to run network cabling. We can install a point-to-point wireless system to connect two buildings together at distances up to 8km.


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